Community of Fallbrook, CA

When you start thinking about Fallbrook real estate, Fallbrook homes for sale, or just the community of Fallbrook, you think of avocados, plain and simply put.  This area, rich in agricultural history, is still the home of some of the nicest people on the planet, and a climate and landscape that flower growers, farmers, craftsmen and garden aficionados love.

History of Fallbrook

AvocadosTurns out that there was, in the 1800’s, a city in Pennsylvania called Fall Brook.  The founders of this Pennsylvania coal city eventually made or married their way out to the area that we now know as Fallbrook.  The section just north of Fallbrook is named De Luz, and it is thought that there was once a corral there owned by Jose De Luz, and from this came first a rail station, post office, and then the area known as De Luz.  Likewise, just south of Fallbrook is Bonsall, an area filled with equestrian facilities, estate homes and agricultural areas of flowers and avocados.

What people who buy a home in the Fallbrook area love is the rural setting coupled with the availability of the arts.  Numerous craftsman and flower growers mingle and mix with kids, retirees, military, entrepreneurs and folks who love being part of a community that feels like home.  Whether it’s the Christmas parade, 4-H activities, riding stables, antique cars or flowers and avocados, there’s something here for everyone.

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